Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

I’ve never really been a massive golf fan; the nearest I got to playing the sport was on holiday at various mini-golf courses. When I have seen the occasional golf tournament played on TV, it really does make you want to be there; don’t the golf courses look stunning? Golf might not provide the adrenalin pumping action as with other sports, but golf is as competitive as any sport.

I always wonder how EA can constantly improve every new edition of this number-one selling golf franchise. You can’t dramatically change a golf game, it doesn’t have a storyline which can be adjusted, which leaves us hoping for a more polished game that has new and improved game modes, improved visuals and controls. Can this year’s release offer enough changes to warrant the purchase? Let’s find out.

The most significant change this year is the new Total Swing Control mechanics, which gives the player total control over their swing. These new controls aren’t easy to grasp and will require huge amounts of patience. You get to control the temp, swing plane and shot power, which adds a level of challenge that wasn’t present before. You can also use the PlayStation Move, which provides a more authentic golf swing feel than in last year’s title. These new mechanics are also accompanied with better visuals; characters look more detailed, courses look lusher, and better shadowing.

Experience Tiger’s Legacy is a new mode, which has a novelty feel to it. This mode is designed to improve your knowledge about Tiger and his accomplishments. It takes you from Tiger’s childhood through to where he is today.

Whilst many of the multiplayer options will look familiar, you will notice the new Online Country Clubs, which allows you to create or join a country club. You can invite friends to your club and compete against other clubs.

Coins are the new virtual currency, which you earn as you play. Coins can be spent on unlocking new golf courses. You can also earn them in the multiplayer modes for your club.

I don’t really have many complaints with this game, but one thing I really don’t like is the new menu system. It feels as though we have taken ten steps back, the menus feel cumbersome to browse through, and what a simple thing for EA to mess up on.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13 provides a near-perfect golfing experience, thanks to the all-new mechanics system and improved graphics. The menus might feel a little cluttered at times, and the Experience Tiger’s Legacy mode might feel a little out of place, but this game is definitely a brilliant Tiger Woods upgrade.

Rating: 9 / 10


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