Battlefield 3 Review

If you’re one of the many that saw the Battlefield 3 trailers (pre-release) and were in awe of the visuals, you’re probably wondering if it lives up to the hype, right?  The truth is that Battlefield 3 is a game with a split personality; on the one hand, it features an incredible multiplayer, but on the other, a somewhat unflattering single player campaign.  But this won’t be a deterrent for many gamers as the multiplayer aspect of this title is pretty incredible to say the least. What makes Battlefield 3 so great is its sense of scale.  If you want to keep it on the ground, you will be treated with all the familiar trappings and abilities present in the best titles out there.  If you want to focus on vehicles and/or aircraft, there are tanks, jets and choppers (replete with appropriate sized maps) which allow you to do just that.  In other words, Battlefield 3 features a multiplayer which gives gamers more options to destroy their online opponents than ever before.

Battlefield 3 also takes full advantage of a rewards and level progression system which not only keeps you interested in the game, but also doesn’t interfere or trump  the on-screen action.

Visually, the game is not as impressive looking as its creators might have us believe.  This is not to say the game looks bad, because it doesn’t look bad at all; in fact, the game is graphically, pretty standard fare.   But what makes Battlefield 3 worth playing however is its addictive multiplayer action and ability to offer action on both large and small scales.

If you are primarily a multiplayer-focused gamer, Battlefield 3 is an incredible achievement and certainly a title that you shouldn’t miss out on. This title raises the bar for the FPS multiplayer, by several notches (just don’t expect the same from the campaign and you’ll be fine).

Rating – 9 / 10