Top 10 Technology Trends for 2016

The year 2016 initiated a number of technological trends that will stay relevant even in 2017. If you’ve been following and implementing some of this technology, then perhaps it’s very likely that you’re already living in a sci-fi futuristic era. This is being manifested in a subtle way though. What we have observed so far is that technology is growing faster, and is becoming more intuitive as the day goes by. So the following are top 10 technology trends for 2016.

1. Next gen batteries

Renewable energy has been facing the challenge of matching supply with demand. Thankfully, 2016 saw some advancement in how energy is stored using aluminum, sodium, and zinc. This resulted in the production of some mini-grids which are feasible enough to provide clean, abundant, and more reliable energy round the clock. Perhaps they could also implement this technology on mobile devices used for playing games at Royal Vegas online casino.

2. Virtual Reality

VR technology made some big strides in 2016. The industry’s main players like Oculus, Sony, and HTC are already targeting a broad base of consumers – an effort which they embarked on in 2016 seeing that Virtual Reality headsets were becoming even more advanced. There was need to lower prices to make sure that everyone, including casino players at Royal Vegas online casino, is able to afford these gadgets.

3. Wearable technology

Smart wearable technology has received tons of love from everyday people. It was expected that wearable technology would find its way to the workplace in 2016. But above all, there were talks of bringing casino games to wearable units. As a matter of fact, the year 2016 saw gaming developers creating slot games that are compatible with the wrist technology.

4. Optogenetics

Optogenetics is the use of light and color in the neurons so that the brain’s activity can be recorded. Although this technology has been around for some time, 2016 was the year when it was refined to ensure that more light was able to penetrate deeper into the brain tissues. While this technology is oriented towards those working in the medical fraternity, it could also be applied in Virtual Reality gaming to make the experience even more responsive to human reaction.

5. 2D materials

When discussing 2D material, a single layer material like Graphene comes into the picture. But this is not the only 2D material that is at your disposal today, thanks to recent advances that were made in 2016. Also, because the cost of producing this material has plummeted significantly, it has resulted in widespread application of 2D material in a wide range of fields. This concept can also be applied on wearable and even batteries.

6. Advanced machine learning technology

This technology is all about machines learning what is happening around them so they can adopt their behavior to fit the environmental changes. Machine learning received even more attention in 2016 as organizations started learning how they could use it to gain an edge over their competitors.

7. Smart IT security architecture

The relationship that exists between the computer world and the hacker industry is a threat to organizations across the world. In 2016, IT leaders stepped up the battle to protect their territories. It appears this trend will grow stronger in 2017 as well.

8. Ambient user experience

This technology seeks to blend the physical, the virtual and electronic environments to achieve the ultimate user experience. It tracks how users move from one position to the other, and thus it will be of the most benefit to casinos operating in 2017 and so on.

9. Enhanced data protection

When you connect a device to the internet, it gives room for your data to end up in the wrong hands. What this means is that security measures must grow in size and complexity. In 2016, developers came up with software that was focused on identifying abnormality in the behavior of network rather than destructive code which is purposefully written on software.

10. Perovskite: The new photovoltaic material

This one is more superior to the original solar cells made of silicon. The world realized that Perovskite solar cells were more efficient and easier to make. The discovery was made popular in 2016.

You can now see from the list above that the world got into a technological frenzy in 2016. So we definitely should expect refinements in 2017 in addition to new technology that will manifest in the due course of time.