Test Drive Unlimited 2 Review

Can You Clear All 60 Levels of Test Drive Unlimited 2?

While Test Drive Unlimited 2 does have its flaws, it’s certainly not without its positive points as well.  It doesn’t offer what other games like Need for Speed do but it will keep you occupied with a few challenging races and a land of adventure.  Land meaning, only the hottest Mediterranean island, full of electric nightlife and hypnotizing beauty.  Test Drive Unlimited 2 takes your from Oahu, where the game’s predecessor took place, to the beautiful island of Ibiza.  It’s like taking your own vacation without the maxed out charge cards.


Test Drive Unlimited 2 opens with you being fired.  While you may have been a great valet, parking the hottest cars, now you’re unemployed.  Fortunately, some girl comes along and gives you a job as her driver.  As a bonus, if you can get her to a special event on time, you get yourself an entry in the Solar Crown, a race that spreads across the island.

The storyline may not be too deep in Test Drive Unlimited 2 but it does offer enough to keep you interested.  The game’s not just about racing, you need to make friends, join social clubs, shop for home, vehicle and personal items and win challenges to progress through the 60 available levels.


There are some aspects of gameplay that you will most likely love but than other areas that certainly fall short.  It is apparent that satellite data was used to model the island because it is incredibly accurate.  The game offers over 3,000 kilometers of trails and roads to explore on one of the most beautiful islands in the world.  Although the environments are more than enjoyable, there are some flaws that just cannot be overlooked.

When you think of a racing game, you probably actually want to spend a majority of your time doing just that, right?  Well, here’s where the problem lies with Test Drive Unlimited 2.  A huge determining factor in whether you progress through levels or not has to do with how social you are so you actually have to make friends, go shopping, paint your apartment and even get frequent haircuts.  If that’s not enough to drive you insane, your character’s annoying attitude will!  So, while you want to get on with the next big challenge, you’ll be forced to polish your shoes and head to the clubhouse to hang out first.  How many times can you go through these meaningless escapades before you need to move onto a more fulfilling game?


Although the graphics could be a bit better in Test Drive Unlimited 2, they are better than what you’d expect despite the first impression you’re provided with by your plastic-like character.  It is evident that a great deal of thought went into the creation of Ibiza and Oahu islands which will certainly play a part in keeping you intrigued to see where the empty stretch of pavement might take you.  You will also probably appreciate that variations in the weather and time, playing direct roles, influencing racing conditions.


If you’re looking for a casual racing game that offers a bit of a storyline and realistic environments to explore, Test Drive Unlimited 2 will probably keep you satisfied for a while.  Considering there are 60 levels, this game could potentially keep you occupied for quite a long time.  However, if you want a game that provides the adrenaline rush and the energy that should be granted with a race or challenge, this is a game that will leave you feeling a bit vacant and definitely unmotivated.

You better find yourself your own supply of excitement and energy because you’re certainly not going to find it here.

7.0 / 10

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