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Dead Space 3 Review
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Dead Space 3 Review

The arrival of Dead Space 3 has been met with mixed reviews and opinions.  Moving its focus away from strict

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10 PS3 Games for 2013 (That are going to be Awesome)

While it’s currently too early to tell which of the many great PS3 games being released in 2013 will turn

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The most anticipated PS3 games to be released in 2013

Needless to say, 2012 has been a great year for gamers.  The last several months in particular have played host

E3 2012
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E3 2012 PS3Home Coverage for Sony & Playstation Summary / Round-up

The PS3Home team brings you the best E3 2012 summary: We have been working hard to get all of the

Dead Space 3
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E3 Dead Space 3 Trailer and Screenshots