Ratchet and Clank: QForce Review

The latest offering from the Ratchet & Clank franchise has arrived on the scene with little to no fanfare.  Normally this is a sign that something is amiss (perhaps the game is not up-to-par), but that’s certainly not the case with “QForce”.  Simply put, QForce adds a new twist to the platformer formula with a tower defense dynamic.  Add to that an addictive multiplayer that’s quite unlike the usual FPS frag-fest we’ve come to expect, and you’ve got a very interesting game.


Featuring cartoonish graphics featuring bright colors and characters with comically oversized heads, QForce is visual treat for those who can appreciate light-hearted fare.  The lighting effects are solid too, as is the framerate (virtually no glitches).   Additionally, the levels are well thought-out and feature environments which are very creative and easy on the eyes, so to speak.


What makes Ratchet & Clank: QForce a worthwhile title however is its excellent gameplay.  When starting off in each level, players must scavenge for parts to help construct their tower defenses.  As you might expect, doing so opens up your base for enemy attack, so there is always an element of strategy at work, regardless of what you might be doing at any given time.  Likewise, you’ll have to lurk around to find weapons and power-ups (but this only adds to the challenge and charm of the game).   The focus of the game is primarily on the dynamic between building and protecting your base against enemy attack, and as you might expect, there are unique challenges to be faced as you progress through the levels.

Once you’ve completed the campaign you’re definitely going to want to check out the multiplayer.  While it is similar to what you find in the main portion of the game, the multiplayer divides the action into three categories: Scouting, Squad & Assault.  In the scouting portion you scavenge for parts and gear, during the squad phase you actually construct your defense strategy and in assault you get to attack your opponent’s base.   It’s certainly a lot of fun, and servers as an excellent diversion.


Needless to say, fans of the R&C series will absolutely love this game.  The new gameplay mechanics are a real treat and seem to hint that the franchise is in some small way, evolving.  Moreover, since this game is being sold at an extremely low price, it’s an excellent value for those who enjoy either platformers or tower defense titles.

Rating – 7 / 10

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