Arguably, audio is perhaps the most overlooked area of video gaming.  Simply put, most gamers tend to focus on graphics while either ignoring or neglecting the importance of impact that sounds play.  For those individuals who become aware of this, the solution is usually to employ some form of advanced surround sound; however, for those who aren’t interested in shelling out the funds, a quality headset will also get the job done.

This of course brings us to the Kunai Gaming Headset, which is probably one of the better Madcatz products.  For starters, this headset is very attractive; it is very sleek and modern looking.  Likewise, it comes in a number of different colors, which is good for those who love to color coordinate their gaming gear. Thinking about purchasing this headset? Which colour would you choose? The selection is red, black, or white.

The design is such that the headset will perfectly contour to the size and shape of your head, which is pretty important, especially if you’re the type of gamer who participates in extended sessions.  Unlike other headsets, this one is extremely ‘flexible’.  In other words, the band which connects the two ear pieces can actually be twisted without damaging the integrity of the unit itself.   While this might not seem important, these little durable features go a long way toward ensuring a longer life (seriously, how many times have you broken a headset?).

It should also be noted that the kunai is very light when compared with most other headsets, which greatly helps to reduce gaming fatigue.  Additionally, the ear pieces are padded and swivel, which can certainly assist when it comes to comfort.  If you like to customize your gear with your own personal graphics, you will like the fact that the kunai has removable plate cards on each ear piece which can be removed and/or replaced.

Unlike other similar products, many of which are nearly equal in terms of features and quality, when you purchase one of these units, you receive all the necessary cables and connects you need to jump in and start playing.  There’s a small volume control box attached to the cable (pretty standard feature on most devices) which allows you to quickly mute annoying gamers while not affecting your game audio.  While the audio you receive is certainly top notch, the microphone (which is also detachable) delivers great-sounding quality as well.   In a side-by-side test against more expensive models, the kunai was virtually indistinguishable from its higher-priced counterparts when it came to sound quality.

While most people are going to use the kunai with their PS3 or Vita, it should be noted that PC gamers can also use this wonderful device in their online gaming exploits.

Take a look at the back of the box to see exactly what the Kunai gaming head set can do.

In terms of sound, the kunai is tough to beat, especially when considering its paltry price.  This headset delivers a full range stereo experience with deep bass, full midrange and crispy highs.  Needless to say, you’ll feel closer to the action than ever before and be able to more easily hear opponents trying to sneak up behind you.

Gaming aside, this headset also makes an excellent companion for your other devices.  For instance, iPad or iPhone users will be able to simply plug these phones in and treat themselves to a new experience (in terms of sound quality).

The bottom line is that you’re not likely to find such an incredible headset for this low price, the kunai is truly an elite product that’s being offered at a novice price. PS3 and Vita gamers will definitely want to go out and pick up one of these fine units ASAP, they’re great as either a replacement or as the default choice. You can purchase yours today at Tritton Audio.

Rating – 9 / 10