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PS3 Cheats Title – Madden NFL 08

Cheat codes:
Unlock the following teams/players by pressing the corresponding
sequences of buttons at the main menu:

Hall of Famers – square, X, triangle, circle, R1, R2, L1, L2.
Pro-Bowl teams – R1, R2, L1, L2, circle.
Unlock all teams – R1, R2, square, triangle, triangle, circle.

3 or 4 human players on same team:
To play with four players on the same team, do the following: Player 2 must be using a wireless controller. Turn three controllers on, and choose the same team with the first two controllers. When the game begins, press Start with controller 1. Turn off controller 2. Set all three controllers to the same team. Turn back on controller 2 just before resuming the game.

To get four human players on the same team do the above and press start on controller 3. Turn controllers 1 and 2 off. With controller 3 go to the controller setup and move player 4 to the same team as player 3. Turn controllers 1 and 2 back on just before resuming the game.

1st round picks:
Turn off the trade deadline. At the last week of the season trade for first round picks with the team that has the worst record.

Bonus teams:
To unlock NFC hall of fame, AFC hall of fame, dummies, glaciers, receivers, and tridents, defeat them in Fantasy Challenge mode. They are in the Supreme league. You can also buy their Madden cards for 100 tokens.

Hide plays from friends:
To hide a play, hold X while the play you want to select is highlighted. Then, move to another play while continuing to hold X. Release X to go to the field.

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