Hitman Absolution Review

When it comes to games which primarily center on stealth-based gameplay, you’ll likely not find a more devilishly satisfying series than the “Hitman” franchise.  Square Enix and Eidos have really outdone themselves with this latest offering, “Absolution” is exactly what fans have been waiting for.  If you have high expectations for this game, rest assured that it will likely meet or surpass them.

Perhaps the most refreshing part about this game is that its designers have wisely opted to maintain elements of its classic gameplay style, along with some notable improvements, of course.  Pretty much everything about this title screams classic ‘Hitman’, and each individual mission is carefully constructed with multiple objectives, pathways, opportunities, and means of dispatching targets.

Needless to say, those who can appreciate a more deliberate, perhaps cerebral approach to video gaming will absolutely love this game.


In terms of looks, Hitman Absolution is a very attractive title.  All the modern graphical refinements we’ve come to expect are here, but unlike previous efforts, this volume is more shadowy and perhaps, dare I say, mysterious.  The bottom line is that nearly every aspect of the visuals, meaning level / character designs (overall), are expertly crafted.


s previously noted, what separates the Hitman series from other franchises is its innovative gameplay style; well, you’ll find plenty of that same charm in ‘Absolution’.   However, it’s not as if the developers simply rested on their laurels, there are plenty of additional components which have been added in terms of gameplay.  For example, this time around we’re treated with a cover system, which is useful when either full-on assault or stealth is in question.  Moreover, agent 47 has learned a few new basic tactics as well, like the good old “fake surrender and disarm” move.  Additionally, an ‘Instinct’ ability has been added which might help to provide assistance to those who are just familiarizing themselves with the franchise and its mechanics.

Although Hitman Absolution is primarily a single player experience, there’s also a “Contracts” mode which adds some online interactivity to the mix.  In a nutshell, ‘Contracts’ allows you or other gamers to create custom missions replete with your own targets, weapon choices, gear, etc…It’s almost too much fun, and perhaps even more engaging than the wonderful story mode, which is quite an accomplishment.


If you enjoy stealth gamers or gameplay, Hitman Absolution is the “new kid on the block” to make friends with.  This is truly an amazing title that provides gamers with a very unique experience that’s almost a counter-response to the endless string of action-oriented First-Person Shooters we are constantly bombarded with.   However, it should be noted that this is a title which requires patience and dare I say, intelligence (?) to truly enjoy.   In other words, this is an entirely different type of challenge, and one that some gamers might not have the persistence and fortitude to complete. Drop whatever you’re doing and go out and pick this one up immediately.

Rating – 9 / 10


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