FIFA Street (2012) Review

Football (soccer) is an international sport, and is something that many people can relate to. It is also something a lot of us occasionally take part in, such as having a kick around in the street, or at the local field. Remember back at high-school when you were trying to impress your mates with how many kick-ups you could do? You get my point. It’s something we can all relate to.

One of the things I hate most as a football supporter is watching a game with a ref who can’t stop blowing the whistle. I like a game that is fast flowing, and EA’s FIFA Street offers exactly this.

Enough of the chit chat, now let’s take a look at what FIFA Street has to offer.

One of the first things you will want to do is create your team; you need to name it and design the logo. Then you get to create the players. Here you have a large selection of ‘Sim styled’ editing tools, which allow you to edit things such as body, face, hair, and apparel. You also get to name each player, but keep the names clean or they will be blocked from multiplayer games.

You can then take your team on the World Tour, which takes you through different events and tournaments from across the world. You must complete each one to unlock the next.

Looking for casual? Hit The Streets mode doesn’t require you to follow any kind of career or structure; it simply allows you to jump into a game. You can play any of the game types, which include 5-A-Side, Panna Rules, Futsal, and Last Man Standing,  with either your custom created team, or your favourite supported sports team. All popular league teams are included and over 2000 real life players.

Gameplay is fast and furious, and jam-packed full of trick performing, all happening inside well designed venues. You will want to perform as many wild tricks as possible. Keep reading to find out why. You will also find the gameplay is far more realistic than previous versions.

Style points play a big part in FIFA Street. You will earn style points in any of the game modes by performing all kinds of tricks and scoring goals, and you will get more points for performing the best looking ones. Style points can be spent on upgrading your custom created squad player’s attributes, which include; athleticism, defence, dribbling, goalkeeping, passing, shooting and speed. Extra player skills, new clothing and celebrations can also be unlocked with style points.

Multiplayer features include Street Season, where you play against others to earn points with the aim of getting promoted to a higher division. Online Team Play allows you to play with up to 7 others, similar to the Be-a-Pro mode featured in recent FIFA games. You can also invite your friends to play unranked matches.

Mastering the controls won’t take long; any newcomer to the series will automatically grasp them, and it won’t take long before you are performing some outrageous Cristiano Ronaldo styled tricks. Passing and ball control is also improved.

Some might think that the gameplay will become ‘samey’ and get boring quickly. However, this isn’t the case, not for me at least, although it would have been nice to have had just a few more game modes.

The visuals will remind you somewhat of FIFA 12, just slightly more ‘cartoony’. Venues look good, and the animations are awesome. Some nice music tracks are also included.

There are few football games, so if you have been searching for an alternative to FIFA 12 or PES12, then this one is for you. This is the most addictive and realistic game in the series. It won’t let you down.

Rating: 9 / 10


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