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Fifth difficulty level:
To unlock the Fifth difficulty level, complete all challenges listed in challenge mode from any two zones.

Spending experience points tip:
In manager mode, access the experience points menu. Turn autospend off. When you have earned 40,000 experience points go back into the menu. Turn on autospend. The CPU spends the points better when there are more.

Close free kicks tip:
Hold down LB and RB then aim. If you are in the middle aim to the players stronger foot. Kick the ball at about 1/4 power and it will go in most of the time.

Round the world:

Hold L2 and keep tapping R1 to do kick ups. Roll the right analog stick all the way around while tapping R1.

99 overall player stats:
Complete the following steps to get 99 overall player stats:

1. Buy all the experience packs in the shop for your arena player.
2. Save it onto your first and a second personal settings.
3. Buy all the experience packs in the shop, and save. It should save to personal settings 2 and your squads.
4. Use all the experience points on your player, and then save the game.
5. Load personal settings 1, and save it to personal settings 2 again.
6. The experience packs should be available in the shop again, and you should get the points back.
7. Buy them again and save it. It should save to personal settings 2 and squads.
8. Use all the packs on your player again and save.
9. Repeat steps 1 through 9 to keep increasing your player’s stats until he reaches 99 overall.

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