Family Guy: Back to the Multiverse Review

“Back to the Multiverse” is one of the latest games to emerge from the Family Guy series, and it’s time to be honest…it’s fraught with problems.  Does this mean that some people won’t still enjoy it despite its shortcomings?  Perhaps, but nevertheless, it’s definitely worth mentioning that they could have just as easily released this game via a mobile platform and it might fare better.

The game itself features a storyline that builds upon Stewie’s rivalry with his would-be evil brother, Bertram.  To make a long story short, Bertram is gathering forces in an attempt to eradicate the universe and it’s up to Stewie and Brian to stop him.  In order to do so however (you guessed it) they’ll have to travel through time.  Are you going to laugh as hard while playing this game as you might while watching the show?  Well, probably not.  As others have noted, it seems that the writing for this game has suffered somewhat.


If there’s one area in which this game delivers it’s probably the visuals.  Anyone that’s familiar with the Family Guy series will immediately recognize the graphical style that’s featured in this title.  They’ve done a good job of bringing the animated style of the series to a video game; all the settings and characters are in line with the show, in other words.


Regardless of what type or genre of game you’re playing, if the gameplay sucks or leaves something to be desired, you’ve got a major problem on your hands.  Needless to say, “Back to the Multiverse” has multiple problems to contend with in the gameplay department.  First off, aiming your weapon in this game isn’t just difficult; it’s nearly broken; having said that, there are plenty of hilarious joke weapons which are highly amusing to say the least.  Additionally, there is co-op gameplay available; after all, we’re talking about Brian and Stewie here.

The Multiplayer modes are somewhat more entertaining, but still lack some of that fundamental essence which might make them more addictive or satisfying.  Nevertheless, the hilarious “Catch the Greased-up Deaf Guy” mode is a hilarious inside joke and re-branding of capture the flag.   Perhaps the biggest failure of this title is the lack of any online multiplayer support however…what gives?


Whether or not you’ll enjoy this game largely depends on how much of a fan of the series you consider yourself to be.  In terms of mechanics, there simply isn’t a lot present here to keep gamers returning for more. Likewise, greater attention could have been paid to the writing.  The truth is that ‘only hardcore fans of the series need apply’.

Rating – 6 / 10

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