F1 Race Stars Review

If you’re the type of gamer that has ‘had your fill’ of authentically realistic racers which offer little in the way of imagination, you’re going to want to check out “F1 Race Stars”.  Sure, the game is somewhat wacky and dare I say, adorable; but it’s a stunning example of the type of cross-fertilization that’s going on in the video game world these days.

After loading up “F1 Race Stars” and playing for a while you’ll certainly notice that the game takes on a decidedly “Mario Kart-like feel”, however this title differs in that it doesn’t descend into complete wackiness.   Having said that, there are some madcap moments and features, like the drivers’ comically oversized heads or the constant power-up attacks that the other drivers will inflict upon you.  But what makes this game worthwhile is that it is essentially an attempt to caricaturize F1 racing, which is kind of a fresh concept when you really think about it.


Not surprisingly, the graphics in “F1 Race Stars” are not picture-perfect realizations of places, drivers or automobiles, but are instead bright, colourful, and somewhat intense.  Sure, there are definitely some realistic racing games which meet these qualifications, but not in this particular context.  The car / character models are very likable and endearing, as are the tracks, which are essentially cartoonish versions of various international locales.


What makes this game worth playing is its entertaining and occasionally hilarious gameplay.  If you’ve played very many Kart/Cart racers in the past, you certainly know what to expect with this title.  In a nutshell, there are plenty of shortcuts, power-ups as well as fiendish devices which allow you to slow down or incapacitate the other drivers (evil laughter).

The multiplayer is also exceedingly good and (arguably) offers the greatest potential for fun.  There is even a co-operative mode, which is quite unheard of for most racing titles.  In order to add an air of unpredictability, the developers have even included a “playlist” feature which adds additional intrigue to the multiplayer madness.


Of course it would be short-sided to say that this game is on par with an established franchise like the Mario Kart series, it is still fun and very exciting. Younger gamers will probably enjoy this much more than the seasoned veterans (although if they have an open mind, they’ll come to appreciate its finer points as well). If you’re looking to have a little fun and have grown tired of racing games which lack zaniness, then look no further, pick up “F1 Race Stars” today.

Rating – 8 / 10


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