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PS3 Cheats Title – Blokus


Bronze trophies
What Happens in Blokus, Stays in Blokus – Executed a perfect block.
Meet the Blocker – Won one round in local single-player.
Christopher Columblokus – Finished Discovery Cup in Tournament Mode.
Blokus Caeser – Finished Conqueror Cup in Tournament Mode.
Block Fu Master – Finished Challenger Cup in Tournament Mode.
MC Blokus – Finished Master Cup in Tournament Mode.
Blockalicious – Finished Elite Cup in Tournament Mode.
You Are Legend – Finished Legend Cup in Tournament Mode.
It’s On! – Won a round in online multiplayer.

Silver trophies
Block Whisperer – Won 10 rounds in online multiplayer mode.
Blokbuster – Won 20 times in online multiplayer mode.
Block-ness Monster! – Won 30 times in online multiplayer mode.

Gold trophies
Mayor of Blokville – Won 50 times in online multiplayer mode.

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