Aliens: Colonial Marines Preview

Prepare to battle Xenomorphs in stunning resolutions alongside your PSN friends; Aliens: Colonial Marines is coming to the PS3 in February.   Most gamers would certainly agree that Ridley Scott’s Sci-fi horror movie franchise has made an impact upon the video game world as well as popular culture.  In spite of this, we’ve yet to see a definitive “Aliens” game released that does the series justice; well, all that might be about to change.

While “Aliens: Colonial Marines” might sound like your run-of-the-mill generic shooter, you know, space marines bent on dealing with an alien invasion-type plot, it’s actually shaping up to be a very interesting game.

Aliens Colonial Marines
For starters, this upcoming title is sporting some very nice graphics and visuals.  If you’ve had time to check out the video previews that are available, you’ll quickly notice just how good the character models and environments look.  Likewise, the lighting for “colonial marines” is superb, and it certainly adds quite a bit to the overall experience.  In short, this game looks like something you’d want to curl up with late at night, perhaps with the lights turned off.

Aside from its great looks, “Aliens: Colonial Marines” is also going to feature 4 player co-op in addition to a single player story mode.  Needless to say, for those that are a bit more squeamish than others, the prospect of tackling a band of Xenomorphs with friends doesn’t sound too bad (although there’s no substitution for tackling the game alone, with no support and no one to watch your back).  Fans of the Aliens movie franchise have been waiting quite a long time for a title that might be capable of capturing the experience of battling a Xenomorph invasion; well, it seems that it might have finally arrived.

Aliens Colonial Marines

The gameplay seems to be somewhat similar to other titles like Call of Duty: Black Ops or Modern Warfare.   Yes, this is a FPS that appears to implement controls that we are all already familiar with, so no problems there.  If you’re wondering whether or not you’ll see many of the classic weapons found throughout the movie series, rest assured, you will.  But it’s not going to be a complete nod to the past; there will also be many new weapons as well as other startling surprises.  There’s also mention of mission-specific duties for each co-op player, so it appears that there will be much more going on in terms of co-operative gameplay than many might have originally envisioned.

As previously mentioned, Aliens: colonial marines will hit store shelves in February of this year (2013), so we don’t have long to wait.  Although the game is largely story-driven, the inclusion of the co-op mode will likely add to the replay value of the title.